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107 French Nail Designs to Learn How to Make and Paint

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If you want to know how they are made french nails and discover all its variations then you came to the most complete guide on nail decoration where you will see at the end of the nail a line of color to decorate your hands.

This concept is called French nail that are generally used in the hands of elegant women who are dedicated to be beautiful since its design to be geographically straight and accurate gives the feeling of who they are are girls of style and they are fixed a lot in his image regarding fashion.

Inside Nail Art is a style that never ceases to be a trend by which every manicure always recommends this design at some point for an issue that is easy to do and fast when going to a party and you will be very well arranged combining With your dress and makeup on the skin.

They are also known as French nails and can be done for both short and long nails although the recommendation is always that the woman has the longest nail to have more creativity when it comes to decorations.

Images of French Nail Designs

French nail decoration with golden line and glitter in one of them to highlight the middle finger, it looks very beautiful with a layer of transparent shine

Long gel nails with transparent gold glitter glitter paint where manicure french nails art is applied

Silver-colored french nails extreme in her paint that looks very nice on the hands to be elegant at a night party

Nails painted in French gray with the tip line in white and on a nail a drawing of a black and white flower that looks very pretty with the solid gray color

French nails of natural color highlighting only one hand with bright paint or glitter

French nails with a bright golden line with a layer of nude enamel on each surface and to finish on the side of the nails protruding from the finger paint with bright glitter

Different styles of french designs where the line is white combining different types of nail art decorations

Long French nails with bright stone sconce separating the transparent color in the whole dividing with a silver line and the upper end a large part with white enamel

Different false nails and gel nails applying french manicure

Different styles and ideas that can be implemented in French manicure nails to make at home easily in different ways with metallic nails

French nail designs with shine and simple decoration

Another very beautiful and youthful nail art design for any girl who wants to look pretty on her nails with a combination of white lines and french nails applying a pink bow

Elegant designs and neat french nails applying French manicure where the neatness is highlighted with a nude color and white tips

French decorated nails with flowers applied and drawn on different fingernails that can also be on the foot

French manicure with pink glitter where the smooth and bright part is painted to highlight the line

Nails art designs decorated with flowers and white and natural French

French manicure with black paint and gray glitter on the tips for parties and celebrations

Nails with French double line designs and nail art of heart

French nails with rhinestones on the part near the cuticle and the part of the francesita with a sticker that covers almost half of the design

Nail art designs of shiny ribbons and stones

Francesita with points

pink french nails with dots and circles on the thick white line are very pretty, delicate and feminine

Matte colored Francesitas with long nails and short nails

These are two nail designs that I really like because they give a feminine touch of pink and small flowers on the French ones with flowers where you have to have a very good pulse to do and patience as well as see that it is only done with one finger and then you have another one that are with mustaches giving a fun and youthful style.

short french nails painted with transparent paint and applying top coat to last the design for longer

Glaze with blue glitter is very beautiful after your French nails are done but look in the photo that the white part of the end should not always be a straight line since you can give it an ascending or ramp-like effect

I like these nail designs a lot because they are a classic French manicure but with a stone appliqué on a single nail which gives a distinguished effect to the eye and the curved French nails are better when you have them long, to finish you you apply a layer of gloss or transparent paint.

Francesita False Nails for when you have little time it can be a good idea to adhere with glue and then pass the shine you want, in this case of the example of the photo a layer of transparent paint was passed to give it shine.

French nails with wide and long flowers which on one side you apply nude or pink or pastel paint and from which stands out where you apply the White French Manicure Adhesive Guide

This is one of the trends that is being used the most in decorated nails, which is to use pastel-colored enamels and apply each color to different nails, but only the part that comes out of the finger is painted and gives how long the nail is.

???? How to make French Nails?

I will explain how the French manicure is done step by step, well in detail so you can learn, but above all perform in your home as if you were a professional manicure and that your nails are well decorated with a refined touch.

For that you will need

– Guide strips that you can get in a French manicure kit

– Nail polish of the color you want to paint as well as another paint with a range of color that contrasts or complements.

– Orange sticks for cuticles

With these tips I assure you that you will make the chosen design much faster and with practice as you do it more times you will be able to then apply it perfectly from memory.

Do not worry, this guide is for beginners to keep your nails perfect and can be done for both hands and feet as if you were an expert pedicure.

First step

You have to remove all the old nail polish that is left over from your nails with a cotton that is previously soaked in nail polish remover.

Second step

Take a bowl of warm water and soak your fingers so that it can also soften with toilet soap and make it easier to clean, then you have to leave them very dry

Third step

Using an orange stick for manicures, push the cuticle back slowly.

Fourth step

With a glass nail file or it can be a polisher, you can soften it a little by polishing the entire area so that it can better adhere the enamel and does not skip

Fifth step

To file them you should always do the same procedure that is performed from the inside out, with this you will shape it but also match the size of the nail length

Sixth Step

Start applying a clear or transparent base that is base coat, letting it dry for a few minutes

Seventh step

This is the moment where you have to add the French manicure adhesive guide where you have to apply it to 3 or 4 millimeters from the tip of the nail where you make this nail design. (usually applies to all fingernails but may vary depending on creativity)

Eighth step

With a white varnish you have to start painting the tips of the nails just above the adhesive guide you added to make the francesita. Once you let the enamel dry you remove the tape slowly. (The color may be different in different shades depending on the type of French nail design you make)

Nineth step

You have to apply a base coat of nude color to the entire nail, then let it dry for a few minutes, then apply the top coat that is a hardener so that the enamel does not ruin by softening and protecting your nails.

Tenth Step

Let each of your nails dry where you did the whole process and to maintain the health of your nails you can hydrate your hands or apply a product with calcium on them.

YouTube Video to Learn How to Make French Manicure

These are different steps to learn how to make french nails without any kit and only with enamel with some tricks and tips that use professional manicures.

???? French Nail Decoration

As I explained earlier if you follow the whole procedure it is easy to make a French nail but if you want to add originality then you have to start using your creativity and for that you can rely on nail arts designs advanced.

Where it can be a great complement to a wedding as a beautiful and elegant decoration as if you had to take care of your hair or your dress is something so important to look good your hands that many girls neglect them thinking that it is the last thing to look at.

Some of the ideas that I can give you in addition to the photos I share with you is to follow the current trend that is to use white nails or only the white line of French nails as well as add gold varnish colors to highlight special events.

You must set the styles yourself depending on your tastes, for example I really like nail designs with flowers and this creativity can be combined with French nails.

A manicure will also recommend using the shade of black and red nails that are current trends and that you can accompany your dress in a very beautiful way.

For brides I do not recommend using black, red or pink enamels, that’s more for party night outings other than your wedding.

The silver hue is excellent in the enamels if you are going to wear long tight dresses since you will get glitter in your hand that you will love and if the party is in summer or spring and you wear sandals or shoes where your feet are seen then it is ideal to apply with Your pedicure or yourself if you have patience.

???? French Colored Nails

White French manicure with golden straight lines looks very pretty and elegant for girls’ nails that like to always look neat and neat

French pink nails in different ideas and combinations solid color painting the entire nail as well as transparent part and the thick top line of pink

black french nails

red french nails

???? French Nails Decorated with Stones

French acrylic nails

French natural nails for feet and each hand

Permanent French Manicure Video Step by Step

These 4 steps explain very clearly how to make French nails permanently and what is needed to make permanent manicures.

Step by step semi-permanent enameled tutorial for French Manicure

If you liked to learn how to make your French nails I invite you to share with your friends in the different networks that you participate such as pinterest, instagram, Whatsapp, facebook, and twitter where you will surely be helping him for one of your followers or friends.

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